Greater Manchester Fringe

Manchester Fringe Festival: 1st-31st July

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Vertigo Theatre Productions

Watching Goldfish Suffocate

Watching Goldfish Suffocate

It was the show that got Manchester talking. Nominated for 3 MTA Awards and receiving multiple 5 star reviews. The true story of a Manchester based actor who's undiagnosed mental illness nearly destroyed him. Brand new production by award winning Vertigo Theatre Productions starring the actor the play is based on. Not to be missed 'Outstanding'

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Kings Arms: Theatre

Date Time Tickets Concs
Wed 19 Jul 2017 7:30pm £12.00  
Thu 20 Jul 2017 7:30pm £12.00  
Fri 21 Jul 2017 7:30pm £12.00  
Sat 22 Jul 2017 7:30pm £12.00  
Sun 23 Jul 2017 7:30pm £12.00