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Manchester Fringe Festival: 1st-31st July

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It's My Funeral and I'll Throw Glitter if I Want To

It's My Funeral and I'll Throw Glitter if I Want To

After a (tiny) mental breakdown, Isobel Marmion has decided to throw her own funeral, glitter and dancing and all, rather than waiting for her untimely death to occur. Probably from an exploded appendix, since that pain in her stomach is definitely not gas. And everyone's invited!

An intimate look at mental illness and the fear of dying alone, but in like- An uplifting, funny way!

Armed with glitter and streamers galore, Marmion’s beautifully emotional script and goofy awkward energy help to make this a heartwarming and super enjoyable show.' - Myf Clark, Aussie Theatre
'Goes out with a glorious, pyjama-clad, boss-shoe wearing bang.' - Kerstyn Dance, We Know Melbourne

'Heartbreakingly fun + funny' - Harrison Engstrom

Twitter: @isobelmarmion



Kings Arms: Studio 1

Date Time Tickets Concs
Thu 20 Jul 2017 7:30pm £7.00 £5.00
Fri 21 Jul 2017 7:30pm £7.00 £5.00
Sat 22 Jul 2017 7:30pm £7.00 £5.00
Sun 23 Jul 2017 7:30pm £5.00 £3.00