Greater Manchester Fringe

Manchester Fringe Festival: 1st-31st July

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Qweerdog Theatre

Absolute Certainty?

Absolute Certainty?

Finn's off to Uni, and Lee, his brother's best mate, wants to teach him how to have fun. Deano's not so keen to have his younger brother cramping his style. Whilst their developing friendship is a cause for concern. Does Finn misread the signs? Is he certain of what's on offer? Is Lee? Are we?

'Absolute Certainty?' - Coming-of-age or coming out?

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Date Time Tickets Concs
Wed 19 Jul 2017 8:00pm £7.00 £5.50
Thu 20 Jul 2017 8:00pm £7.00 £5.50
Sun 23 Jul 2017 6:00pm £7.00 £5.50
Sun 23 Jul 2017 8:00pm £7.00 £5.50