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How to Take Part in The Greater Manchester Fringe 1st - 31st July 2022

b>What is the Greater Manchester Fringe?

The Greater Manchester Fringe is an arts festival that USUALLY takes place across The Greater Manchester borough 1st - 31st July each year. 

We are here to support groups in getting their performances up and running and we can offer advice on all aspects of this. We produce a digital fringe brochure and sell advance tickets for all our shows through this website.

(This year our brochure will be ONLINE ONLY this is because of the Corona virus. It will not be safe to have leaflets/brochures  around venues and people will not want to pick them up because someone may have touched them already, so this year all our marketing will be online)

Whether you're a poet, playwright, performance artist, in a rock band, a magician, a mime artist, a DJ a singer a comedian an actor a mentalist, whatever it is you do. We want to hear from you, and help you get your event up and running.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2022 Greater Manchester Fringe open on the 1st December.
You can apply right up until the end of August but we recommend getting your show arranged before this so you have plenty of time to sell tickets.

Further Lockdowns
We advise ALL companies taking part to have a contingency plan in place for live streaming their event so that we don't have to cancel any performances.
Registration fees will NOT be refunded in the case of another lockdown. If there is a new lockdown we will encourage groups to perform online if this is possible or we will postpone events until we can get up and running again.

In order to apply to the Greater Manchester Fringe you need to set up your own account as an Event producer on Eventotron

  1. Set up your account on Eventotron.
  2. Then on your Eventotron profile you can add in info about your show.
  3. Once you’ve done this you can search for Festivals to apply to. You will find Greater Manchester Fringe on the list of Festivals and hit APPLY. We are open to everyone who wants to apply so you will automatically be added to our list of 2022 shows.
  4. Now you will find yourself at the very beginning of the GMFringe Registration process. You’ll be at 0% and you have to fill out all the info we ask for to get to 100% before you can pay your registration fee and get your show on sale. You don’t have to fill out all the info in one go. It will save as you go along and you can go back and edit information up until the point you have finalised and paid.
  5. The part you must fill out first is the Application form
  6. Once you have filled out your application form you can browse the venues we have listed and apply to up to 5 venues. Please do your research on each venue before applying. There’s no point trying to put on a full scale musical in a book shop.
  7. If you can’t find a suitable venue on our list you can find your own venue directly and then just drop us a line to let us know so we can add them to our rosta of participating venues.
  8. Once you have applied you can start to get on with filling out the rest of your show info and answer all your press questions. You wont be able to fill out all your info though until you have an offer from a venue. You can take your show to more than one venue if you wish.
  9. Venues can be slow to respond to applications. You could also email them directly, call them or pop in to see them in order to prompt them into booking you in. Be pro active. Don’t sit back and wait for the venue offers to flood in.
  10. All the venues charge differently and they all offer different levels of support and have different types of equipment. Ask them all the questions you need to. Make sure you understand the agreement you’re getting into with them. You don’t want to turn up for a tech run to find there is no technician and no lights. So, the lesson here is don’t be scared of asking questions.
  11. Make sure you understand the rental deal, make sure you know if they provide Box office, front of house, or technical support. Many venues do not so you will have to do these jobs yourself.
  12. When you apply you’ll be asked about your availability to perform. Some venues will have many shows taking place throughout the day, morning, afternoon, evening and late night. Day time shows can work really well so don't dismiss the idea out of hand if you get offered an afternoon slot.
  13. The length of run is up to you and what you feel will work best for you and your audience. You can decide this with your venue. Most people go for between 1 and 6 performances. If you've never put on a show before, just do a short run, see how you get on, you can always add dates if you're selling well or take the show on to another venue if it does really well.
  14. We try hard to help groups find a suitable slot for their fringe show. If the places listed on our website don't work out for you, you are very welcome to find your own space. So long as it's in Greater Manchester, that's fine. If you are struggling to find a suitable venue, email us and let us know, don't wait until the last minute to tell us you are having a problem. We can always find somewhere!
  15. Think creatively, we've had shows in tents, camper vans, parks, beer gardens and air B&B's.
  16. If you decide to accept a slot from a particular venue but have received offers from more than one, then do let the others know that they are no longer needed so they can offer their space to other companies as there is always high demand for space.
  17. We are happy for you to perform your show in a few different venues. Greater Manchester is a huge area. Why not take your show to Manchester City Centre, Stockport, Bury, Wigan and Salford?
  18. Once you have received and accepted an offer from a venue you will be able to complete the section that asks for your times, dates, ticket prices and your brochure entry. Make sure you double check all the info you submit for this.
  19. Ticket prices. We suggest a minimum ticket price of £5.
Fringe Registration Fees for 2022:

There is a participation fee to be included in The Greater Manchester Fringe.

This payment is to be made when you submit your show entry after you have confirmed your venue and once you have filled out all the required info on Eventotron. As soon as you have paid your fee your show will appear on our website and people will be able to buy tickets.

The registration fees for 2022 are as follows:

  • Live performance registration £99

We also charge 6% commission on all ticket sales that come via the GM Fringe website.

What type of shows do we like?

We love all art forms, we're open to anything!

New writing, revivals, stand up, sketch shows, clowning, dance, visual arts, tours, mentalism, magic, physical theatre, bands, orchestras, club nights, choirs, children's shows, something that's a bit of everything, or something that is completely genre defying. We are open to absolutely everything so don’t be shy!

Box office settlements

Within 28 days of the last day of the festival (usually much sooner) we will let you know how much we owe you and you will need to invoice us for your ticket money.

We make all payments by BACS directly into your bank account on receipt of your invoice.

Thank you for your interest in The Greater Manchester Fringe.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Lisa

We look forward to hearing from you.


Application for Greater Manchester Fringe 2022

Applications are now open

You can register your event and apply to venues on our registration system at Eventotron.